BTS: 5&A Dime Video Shoot Part 1(Photo)

5&A Dime plan to release their new shirts in two weeks and instead of photographs, they came up with a really cool idea. The idea was to shoot a video look book but at the same time do a music video with Brother Nature, featuring guest appearance by Piff and Julie Mai. It was a very long, cold, and a rainy day, but a very productive day. We have one more day of shooting, so that means we are getting up really early tomorrow so I will be covering the behind the scenes with photos and videos. By the way, I will have a video uploaded tonight or early Sunday morning, so please look out for that.


Real J. Wallace as The Bum.

Here in this photo you see Dauche helping out keeping the photographer and the camera dry. Nick Lamm and Billy shooting the scene and Real J. Wallace doing a great job chilling under the stairs.

Custom weather proof for the camera. lol.


Bam as the baller standing next to Piff, staying dry.

The sign is funny.

Bam look serious in this shot, but it was all fun and games all day. Straight comedy!



The Bentley was used for the video, brought to you by Jason of Targa Trophy.